Brand Identity


Market Positioning


To create a simple, versatile wholesale brand for Sweetener Supply Corporation looking to expand its bulk products into B2B food service stores.

Customer Journey

We explored wholesale retailers in Chicago for insights into the category language, brand positioning and buyer behavior. As a new brand in an often commoditized space, Brookfield needed to convey a trustworthy understanding of the environment yet still stand out to customers on-the-go.

Retail Insights

On-shelf displays were inconsistent in the wholesale stores. Many products were still entirely or partially boxed. Straight-forward, no-nonsense branding was going to prevail in this atmosphere.  

While in store, shoppers did not seem to dwell over product decisions. As we watched, several passed by with ingredient lists for menus. Labels needed to be simple and broad enough to appeal to different types of restaurants and menu items. 

Category Language

Distilling the category language down to its basic component parts helps to understand where we have a right to play and where consumers are coming from when shopping. 

Most packaging for similar products had images related to the product, warm colors, felt natural, and easy to read. 

Specific logos seen at the retailer were either combination marks or emblems and had a traditional feel.

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